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News & Announcements:

If you leave during class, please return promptly for pick up. Instructors cannot be responsible for babysitting children outside of their assigned class times. In addition, it is advised for parents to stay on site to assist when bathroom breaks are needed.

Water Babies Pilot Testing- If you have class with Mrs. Holly K and it seems different than any other instructor, please know she is pilot testing a new format. Should we decide to adopt it, we will implement it across the board this fall. Any feedback is welcome!

Sleep Inn is experiencing an air leak in their system. It comes and goes sproadically. When it occurs, it appears that the pool is really cloudy and can last anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours. If you have class there and are wondering why the pool is so cloudy, you will notice the stream of airbubbles comind directly from the return jets. Until the air settles, it will remain cloudy. We ensure, clean, healthy and safe pools, so we just wanted to give you a heads up on this occurance until we can find and fix the cause of the air leak.

Our former program printed class history for our swimmers on the instructors roll sheets. Until we can build that into the new program, feel free to log into your old account by going to From there, click participants and view information to see your class history. If you would like for us to include specific notes about your student on current roll notes (ie- number of attemspts at a specific level) please email those to us with the child's name and we will ensure they get on the instructors roll sheets.

Unlike some other organizations, we do not raise prices when the busy season hits, but you will find the pool to be more crowded as we try to accomodate multiple classes simultaneously to meet the higher demand times!

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Now taking requests for next month's classes! Please email those to This is especially important for those of you with multiple people needing multiple combinations of classes.

Open swim is now here! Need an indoor pool to enjoy some family time and practice your skills? See our open swim/ pool membership information and come swim today!

Want a private lesson at one of our locations, but don't see what you need on our schedule? Call or email and we will see if we can accomodate your needs!

Water Aerobics is back!! Select Tuesday and Thursdays at 8am, arthritis at 9am and Aqua Zumba on Fridays at 6:30 all at Barrington. See the complete schedule under the h2ofitness link!